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SLAMTEC presents the RPLIDAR A2M12, a new-generation 360-degree 2D laser scanner offering an affordable, high-performance solution.
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Main Features of RPLIDAR A2M12

The RPLIDAR A2M12 sensor from SLAMTEC is designed to measure distances from 0.2 to 12 m over a 360° range through motorized rotation. This rotation feature enables mapping of spaces, modeling of objects, or simply distance assessment. Distance measurement is based on laser triangulation, performing up to 16000 acquisitions per second. The sampling frequency adjusts automatically based on the sensor's rotation speed relative to its base.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x RPLIDAR A2M12 sensor
  • 1 x USB-to-Serial converter
  • 1 x USB power cable
  • 1 x USB communication cable

Programming and Communication: from RPLIDAR S3

The sensor communicates via UART with a microcontroller, while the motor is controlled by a PWM signal. The RoboStudio application facilitates quick testing of the sensor on a Windows computer using the included USB-to-serial converter. This LiDAR is compatible with ROS (Robot Operating System), providing a set of libraries and resources dedicated to robotic applications.


UART interface and power are accessible via a 5-pin connector with a pitch of 2.54 mm. This connection can be used directly on a microcontroller with a UART interface or on a computer using the included converter and USB cables.

This module is suitable for indoor and outdoor use but is not water-resistant. The device cannot perform measurements if directly exposed to sunlight. The use of this sensor and its SDK is recommended for advanced users.

Technical Specifications of RPLIDAR A2M12

  • Power Supply: 5 Vdc
  • Consumption: 450 to 600 mA
  • Measurement Distance: 0.2 to 12 m
  • Measurement Angle: 360 °
  • Scanning Frequency: 10 Hz - 600 RPM (adjustable from 5 to 15 Hz)
  • Measurement Frequency: 16000 measurements/s at 10 Hz
  • Resolution: 0.225 ° at 10 Hz
  • Accuracy:
    ≤ 3 m: 1%
    3 to 5 m: 2%
    5 to 25 m: 2.5%
  • Interface:
    - Sensor: UART at 256000 bps (TTL 3.3 V)
    - Motor: PWM
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 °C
  • Dimensions: Ø 76 x 41 mm
  • Weight: 190 g
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