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360° LPX LiDAR T1 Slamtec
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The LPX-T1 represents the first high-performance medium and long-range LiDAR laser developed by SLAMTEC.

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LPX-T1: SLAMTEC's first LiDAR laser for location and mapping

Featuring a scanning range of up to 40 meters and a scanning angle of up to 270 degrees, this device offers remarkable light resistance (up to 80,000 lux) and a high sampling frequency (up to 60,000 times per second). With these features, it can generate real-time point cloud maps, enabling precise environmental perception and advanced navigation capabilities. Specifically designed for AGV scenarios, the LPX-T1 also finds practical applications in areas such as service robots and light autonomous vehicles, including those without drivers in parking lots. Thus, the LPX-T1 establishes itself as an ideal choice for robot localization and mapping.


LPX-T1 technology

High-Precision Millimeter-Level Scanning Capability

The LPX-T1 leverages advanced DTOF laser telemetry technology and the high-speed signal solution developed by SLAMTEC. This combination enables real-time distance and location detection with millimeter-level precision. The DTOF technology not only ensures a consistent telemetry resolution, preserving accuracy even over long distances, but also allows the LPX-T1 to detect objects of various materials and shapes, including black objects, highly reflective surfaces, and even transparent glass. These capabilities provide robots with precise perception of their environment and reliable localization skills, ensuring accurate navigation and obstacle avoidance in complex environments.


Medium and Long-Range Detection Capability of 40 Meters

The LPX-T1 ensures reliable detection of targets up to a distance of 40 meters, identifying and tracking them accurately. This extended capability provides robots with an increased perception range and extended response time, thereby enhancing system safety and adaptability. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios, including warehouses, factories, distribution centers, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and office buildings.


Couverture à grande échelle 270°

Le LPX-T1 utilise une rotation dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre, permettant ainsi un balayage laser sur 270 degrés pour capturer le contour de l'environnement. Que ce soit dans un entrepôt spacieux ou le long d'une ligne de production étroite, le LPX-T1 peut effectuer une détection précise et générer des cartes de nuages de points . Cela offre aux robots des informations environnementales complètes et précises, quel que soit le type d'espace.


High Sampling Rate: 60,000 Times per Second

The LPX-T1 has improved its internal optical design and algorithm system, providing a laser telemetry sampling capability of up to 60,000 times per second to meet the requirements of high-speed movements. The LPX-T1 can update environmental data in real-time, providing support for quick decision-making and adjustments, ensuring stability and accuracy for robots even in fast-moving scenarios.


Ultrafine Object Detection Capability

Precise detection of small objects is a critical function in the context of AGVs. With an angular resolution of up to 0.12°, the LPX-T1 can accurately capture and identify the subtle details of objects, ensuring reliable detection of small targets. Whether it's obstacles in a warehouse, narrow passages, or small objects in complex environments, the LPX-T1 excels in detection and identification, providing highly reliable navigation and obstacle avoidance capabilities for AGVs.


Advanced 80,000Lux Ambient Light Anti-Interference Capability

Equipped with advanced anti-interference technology, the LPX-T1 can effectively handle interference from ambient light and sunlight. Whether the environment is complex indoors or exposed to intense outdoor light, the LPX-T1 operates stably, ensuring reliable environmental information.


LPX LiDAR-T1 applications

  • Robot navigation and obstacle avoidance
  • AGV osbtacle detection and avoidance
  • Parking lot monitoring
  • Environment perception and autonomous movement of low-speed unmanned vehicles
  • Multi-touch and large screen interaction
  • UAV mapping and obstacle avoidance
  • ROS trolley/education trolley for mapping and obstacle avoidance
  • Environment scanning and 3D rebuilding

Technical Specifications of LPX LiDAR-T1

  • Weight: 264g
  • Dimensions: 60 x 73 x 85 mm
  • Applications: AGV, service robot, drone, surveillance, and navigation
  • Angular Range: 270°
  • Sampling Frequency: 20-40Hz
  • Range: 0.05-40m 70% reflection
  • Angular Resolution: 0.12°
  • Precision: ±30 mm
  • Range Resolution: 8 mm
  • Temperature Range: -20° ~ 50°

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