360° RPLIDAR S3 Slamtec

360° RPLIDAR S3 Slamtec

360° RPLIDAR S3 Slamtec
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SLAMTEC has introduced the RPLIDAR S3, a new generation of lightweight, high-performance and compact LiDAR.

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RPLIDAR S3: a new generation of LiDAR

The SLAMTEC RPLIDAR S3 LiDAR offers remarkable specifications, and can be used in a great range of scenarios. The RPLIDAR S3 stands out for its exceptional stability and reliability. Even in demanding situations such as long range detection, black and white surfaces, or dealing with a strong ambient light, it maintains outstanding performance in distance measurement and 3D mapping.

RPLIDAR S3 highlights

  • Low reflectivity at a measuring radius of 15 meters
  • Compact, while offering optimal performances
  • Small objects detection
  • High-speed sampling capabilities: 32,000 times/second
  • Ambient light anti-interference capability: 80,000LUX
  • Compatible with the SLAMTEC ecosystem

RPLIDAR S3 technology

Low reflectivity at a measuring radius of 15 meters:

The RPLIDAR S3 also excels in low-reflectivity objects such as black doors or surfaces coated with anti-reflective material detection. Its measurement capability extends up to 15 meters, even with reflectivity as low as 10%.


360° Coverage Capability:

The RPLIDAR S3 performs a clockwise rotation using a motorized mechanism, ensuring a 360° scan of its environment.


High-Speed Sampling Capability of 32,000 times/second:

The RPLIDAR S3 thrive in real-time perception, precise positioning, and target detection. Its high sampling frequency enables it to capture an extensive amount of point cloud data, making 3D mapping quick and accurate.


Superior Detection of Thin Objects:

With an angular resolution of up to 0.1125°, the RPLIDAR S3 can see small details of thin objects with high precision, ensuring accurate detection of small-sized targets.


Anti-Ambient Light Interference Capability of 80,000Lux:

Through meticulous hardware optimization, the RPLIDAR S3 effectively reduces light interferences, ensuring accurate data acquisition even in challenging conditions such as intense indoor lighting or direct sunlight.


Easy to Develop for Support on Various Platforms:

SLAMTEC offers users SDK development kits compatible with multiple platforms such as x86 Windows, x86 Linux, arm Linux, and others to meet the diverse needs of development applications.


Class 1 Laser Safety Standard:

The RPLIDAR S3 uses low-power infrared laser light as a light source, with pulse-modulated control. Compliant with the Class 1 laser safety standard, it ensures optimal safety for human eyes.


RPLIDAR S3 applications

  • Robot navigation (restaurants, shopping malls...)
  • AGV obstacles detection and avoidance (warehouses, offices...)
  • Parking lot surveillance
  • Environment perception and autonomous cruising of low-speed unmanned vehicles
  • Multi-touch and large screen interaction
  • Drone mapping and obstacle avoidance
  • ROS trolley/education trolley for map building and obstacle avoidance
  • Environment scanning and 3D rebuilding

RPLIDAR S3 Technical Specifications

  • Applications: Indoor/Outdoor (≥80Klux)
  • Detection Range: 0.05-40 meters (under 70% reflection) for white objects; 0.05-15 meters (under 10% reflection) and 0.05 - 5 meters (under 2% reflection) for black objects
  • Blind Spot: 0°-1.5° (other angles can be customized)
  • Scanning Rate: 32KHz
  • Scanning Frequency: Typ. 10Hz, 10~20Hz
  • Angular Resolution: Typ. 0.1125°, 0.1125°~0.225°
  • Communication Interface: TTL UART
  • Communication Speed: 1M
  • Accuracy: ±30mm
  • Dimensions: 55.6x59.8x41.3mm
  • Weight: 115g
  • Resolution: 10mm
  • Temperature Range: -10°<25°<50°

RPLIDAR S3 Resources

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