Payload: Boston Dynamics Spot CAM+IR (Thermal)

Boston Dynamics | A-000000-04796

This new camera kit offers an unprecedented collection of sound and image devices for use with the Spot robot. A great way to develop your canine senses!

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Size Chart
Size Chart

Payload Boston Dynamics Spot CAM+IR: 3 cameras, 1 microphone

With the Spot CAM kit, you got a high-quality 5x Sony IMX290 panoramic colour camera. With this CAM+IR kit, you’ll take Spot to a whole new level of perception, as the robot not only captures and records colour images with a panoramic field of view, but also:

  • offers a powerful zoom and the ability to track movement with a 30x PTZ camera
  • detects the presence of living and non-living obstacles in the poorest lighting conditions thanks to an infrared camera
  • captures and records its sound environment using a shotgun microphone with a data storage capacity of 256 GB

An explorer that will report on everything it observes

With the CAM+IR kit, Spot can explore all the spaces you’d rather not venture into. The kit operates between -20 and 65 °C and has an IP65 dust and ingress protection rating.

The kit integrates fully with the Spot tablet controller and Scout software. You can also access the GRPC application included in the kit from the Spot SDK.

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Technical specifications of the Spot CAM+IR kit

  • Dimensions: 334 x 227 x 357 mm
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • 360° camera:
    • Field of view: 360 x 170°
    • Resolution: 100 MP
    • Image size: 9600 x 4800
    • Camera sensor: 5x Sony IMX290
    • Focal length: 2.16 mm
    • Lens aperture: F2.0
  • PTZ camera:
    • Resolution: 2 MP, 1080p resolution video
    • Optical zoom: 30x
    • Pointing accuracy: 2°
    • Range of motion: 170°/s
    • Tilt range: -30 to 270°
  • Infrared camera:
    • Temperature range: -40 to 160 °C (high gain); -40 to 550 °C (low gain)
    • Video speed: 7.5 Hz
    • Field of view: 69 x 56°
    • Image resolution: 640 x 512
    • Accuracy: radiometric +/-5 °C
  • Audio:
    • Input: Sennheiser MKE-600 shotgun microphone
    • Storage: removable 256 GB USB 3.1
  • Environment:
    • Ingress protection: IP65
    • Operating temperature: -20 to +45 °C


  • Radiometric thermal camera
  • 30x optical PTZ camera
  • Integrated 360° colour camera
  • Sennheiser MKE-600 shotgun microphone
  • Two-way communication
  • LED illumination
  • 3 USB sticks
  • Mounting kit
  • Shielded ribbon cable (225 mm)
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