Rajant Kinetic Mesh Radio Kit

Rajant Kinetic Mesh Radio Kit

Rajant Kinetic Mesh Radio Kit
Boston Dynamics | A-000000-06247
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This radio kit makes Spot’s WiFi network more efficient (range and speed).

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A more robust WiFi network

You can say goodbye to network problems with this Rajant Kinetic Mesh Radio Kit by Boston Dynamics. The kit sets up an ultra-reliable WiFi network for operating Spot remotely, from any location, and with complete peace of mind. Its theoretical data rate of 300 Mbps makes it particularly useful for galleries, tunnels, and even outdoors.

Technical features of the Rajant Kinetic Mesh Radio Kit

  • Radio coverage: up to 19,000 m²
  • Indoors: 100 m radius per radio
  • Dual band support: 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz
  • Easy to mount on Spot, Spot EAP and Spot CORE
  • Comes with default settings to run on Spot out of the box

The pack includes:

  • 4 Rajant ES1 BreadCrumb radios with antennas: one Spot-mountable radio, one operator control unit (OCU) and two repeater nodes to be placed on site to increase coverage
  • 3 tripods for the OCU and 2 repeaters
  • 3 x 120 VAC POE power supplies (repeaters and OCU)
  • Spot GXP with PoE
  • Travel case

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