Scout Application to remote control spot - 12 Months -  Renewable yearly

Scout Application to remote control spot - 12 Months - Renewable yearly

Scout Application to remote control spot - 12 Months -  Renewable yearly
Boston Dynamics | A-000000-06249
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For controlling your Spot robot remotely, from wherever you are!


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Eyes and ears on the ground

Scout is a web-based app you can use to control your Spot robot remotely whenever you want and from anywhere. It offers many advantages:

  • 24/7 site access, for responding immediately to incidents at any time of day without having to mobilise human operators.
  • Real-time visibility, to collect visual, thermal and acoustic data. Spot can easily access hard-to-reach places.
  • A multifunctional interface: the app can manage multiple Spot robots and multiple users on a single server, allowing one driver and various other users to see what Spot sees in real time.

What can I use the Scout app for?

Scout is an ideal solution in industrial environments for the following types of task:

  • Visual: inspect gauges, machinery and pipes to check for abnormalities like corrosion or leaks. You can also use the Spot CAM+ pan-tilt-zoom camera and 30x optical zoom for maximum accuracy.
  • Thermal: detect issue-indicating hot spots in tanks, machinery and electrical conductors with Spot CAM+IR thermal imaging.
  • Audio: detect noise anomalies remotely with Spot CAM or record samples for analysis.

An app accessible to all

Scout is accessible from any computer and has a simple and intuitive user interface. It gives operators access to all the robot’s functions: navigation, data collection and capture, access to payloads, etc. Scout runs on the Site Hub, a rack-mounted network appliance included with your subscription.

To go further

Additional functionality can be added to Scout via third-party extensions. Guidance on available ports and ranges for Scout Extension developers is now available at Running Custom Applications with Spot.

Wired connections can now be used to upload missions to robots on a Spot Dock if the connection is available. This feature can be used even when the robot is set to use wireless comms as its default network mode. This feature can be enabled via Global Settings > ROBOT BANDWIDTH SETTINGS > Use wired connection.

Resources for the Spot Scout App

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