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The SMPS2Dynamixel allows you to power your Dynamixel servomotors if you don't use a controller.
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Presentation of the SMPS2Dynamixel

The SMPS2Dynamixel is a component used to power Dynamixel servomotors. It is very useful if you use your servomotors without a controller, for example using a USB2Dynamixel.

Plug on the SMPS2Dynamixel a power supply of the voltage of your servomotors (20V max) and connect your Dynamixel servomotors on the connectors. The SMPS2Dynamixel has two 3-pin connectors for TTL communication (AX and MX-xxT servomotors) and two 4-pin connectors for RS485 communication (RX, EX and MX-xxR servomotors).

The communication lines of the connectors are linked, so the SMPS2Dynamixel can be inserted in a chain of Dynamixel servomotors without interrupting the transmission of the digital command signal.

The SMPS2Dynamixel is protected from external metallic contacts by a plastic shrink tube.

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