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Everything you need to power up your robotics creations (actuators, robotics sets, robots…).

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The LBC-010 charger for LiPo battery allows to recharge the LBS-10 LiPo battery of the Premium Bioloid kit.


The PS-10 SMPS charger allows you to power your Dynamixel controllers and servomotors.

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The SMPS2Dynamixel allows you to power your Dynamixel servomotors if you don't use a controller.

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This 11V LiPo LBS-10 battery is intended for the Bioloid Premium kit. It is also compatible with the CM-510, CM-530, CM-700 and CM-900 controllers.

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What could be better than having one Dynamixel servo motor connected to your robot’s main controller? Having even more Dynamixel servos of course! And the Dynamixel 6 Port Power Hub is the perfect solution for powering up to 6 AX or MX servos using the same Dynamixel power hub, with no need for a traditional daisy chain connection.

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The U2D2 board from Robotis enables you to supply a variety of power sources to your Dynamixel servo motors.

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Bundle of all accessories required to configure and supply power to your Dynamixel servomotors.

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You can now power, connect and program all your Dynamixel servos, whatever the model, thanks to this official and very clever Dynamixel starter set.

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