U2D2 PHB Set

U2D2 PHB Set

U2D2 PHB Set
Robotis | A-000000-04143
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The U2D2 board from Robotis enables you to supply a variety of power sources to your Dynamixel servo motors.

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U2D2: supplying power to all Dynamixel servo motors

The U2D2 Power Hub Board is capable of supplying power to all Dynamixel servos with a TTL or RS-485 interface.

Details about U2D2 Power Hub Board

It features an SMPS port, a terminal block, and a 2P power connector. It easily powers on/off with the integrated power switch.

The U2D2 board from Robotis comes with rivets and nuts, and has holes for a quick assembly.

Technical specifications of the U2D2 PHB Set


  • 1 U2D2 Power Hub Board
  • 4 rivets
  • 4 M3 nuts
  • 4 M3x10x6 washers
  • 1 Robot Cable-X3P 100mm
  • 1 Robot Cable-X4P 100mm
  • Operating voltage: 7.4 to 24V approx.
  • Maximum current: 10A
  • Dimensions: 48 x 57 mm

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