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USB2Dynamixel is a device used to operate Dynamixel directly from PC. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE. Discover the replacement product U2D2 Dynamixel/PC Connector!
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USB2Dynamixel operates Dynamixel motors directly from the PC

USB2Dynamixel is a device that plugs on the USB port of your PC and has a 3pin port and a 4 pin port to connect Dynamixel motors.

Also, USB2Dynamixel can be used to change from USB port to Serial port on the PC without serial port such as notebook computer, etc. The function is very useful in the cases when the Dynamixel exclusive controllers such as CM-2, CM-2+, CM-5, and CM-510 are connected to USB Port, or when ZIG2Serial is connected to USB port to control robots wirelessly.


USB2Dynamixel connects Dynamixel motors to USB port

USB2Dynamixel provides a USB serial connection to the Bioloid robot

USB2Dynamixel connects ZIG2serial to pilot Dynamixel motors wirelessly


USB2Dynamixel is compatible with the AX, DX and RX Dynamixel series as well as the Dynamixel EX-106+

Warning, the USB2Dynamixel does not supply power to your servomotors. You have to supply power externally, for example using a SMPS2Dynamixel.

USB2Dynamixel features

The USB2Dynamixel device has the following features:




The status LED display power supply, TXD(data writing), and RXD(data reading) status.

User can select communication mode: TTL, RS232 or RS485

The 3 pin connector can be connected to the Dynamixel servomotors of the AX Series using TTL.

The 4 pin connector can be connected to the Dynamixel servomotors of the DX and RX series using RS485.

The serial connector communicates using RS232.


Dynamixel can be controlled directly by C language using USB2Dynamixel SDK.

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