FP04-F2 structural components for Dynamixel AX servo motors (x 10)

Robotis | A-000000-01138
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In this set, you’ll find 10 sturdy plastic structural components for Dynamixel AX servo motors , suitable for replacing components in Bioloid robots .

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FP04-F2 structural components: Only the best for your Bioloid robot

The 10 items in this 903-0036-001 set of structural components are made of sturdy, strong plastic: optimum quality to ensure long life for your Bioloid creations with Dynamixel AX servo motors .

FP04-F2 structural components: Specially designed for Dynamixel AX servo motors

Don’t waste any more time looking around for components suitable for your Bioloid kit . If you use a Dynamixel AX servo motor , this set is just what you need!

Technical specifications of the FP04-F2 structural components

  • 10 FP04-F2 plastic components
  • Easy fitting using screws and nuts (sold separately)
  • Designed to replace the structural components in Bioloid kits
  • Compatible only with Dynamixel AX servo motors and actuators
  • Strong and sturdy plastic components, long-term reliability

Resources for FP04-F2 structural components

Below is a diagram of the FP04-F2 structural components:

the FP04-F2 structural components for AX DYnamixel servomotors.

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