FR12-S102K - frame for Dynamixel XM430

FR12-S102K - frame for Dynamixel XM430

FR12-S102K - frame for Dynamixel XM430
Robotis | A-000000-02354
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The new Dynamixel servo has arrived, and Robotis has developed a whole series of structural component sets so you can mount your XM-430 without mishap. The FR12-S102K set is one of them.

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Dynamixel FR12-S102K structural components: another way of fixing your XM-430

The new Dynamixel XM-430-series servos require specific Dynamixel components. With the FR12-S102K set, you can mount them in a slightly different way than with the FR12-H101K set: you can fix the structural components on the underside of the XM-430 servo.

Technical specifications of the FR12-S102K set

The FR12-S102K set contains:

  • 1 FR12-S102K frame
  • 4 Bolt FHS M2.5x14 screws
  • 10 Wrench Bolt M2×3 screws
  • 8 Wrench Bolt M2.5×4 screws
  • 10 spacer rings
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