FR08-H110K - frame for 2x Dynamixel MX106 in dual mode

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Black frame to connect 2 Dynamixel EX-106+ or MX-106 in dual mode.
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The dual mode for Dynamixel MX-106 and EX-106+ actuators

This black frame for Dynamixel actuators EX-106+ and MX-106 is used to link together two actuators for use in dual mode. The dual mode is reserved for Dynamixel EX-106+ and MX-106 actuators. It allows you to control two actuators simultaneously in order to increase the torque of the resulting system.

In the dual mode, one of the actuators is considered the master and the other slave. The slave actuator reproduces identically what the master servo does (general mode) or in the opposite direction (reverse mode).

Synchronization between the two actuators is done through special cable as presented in the following image:

How to connect two EX-106+ or MX-106 Dynamixel actuators for dual mode configuration

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