Set de charnières pour la série Dynamixel X540

FR13-H101K - frame and idler set for Dynamixel X540

Set de charnières pour la série Dynamixel X540
Robotis | A-000000-03225
20 perc. French VAT inc.

The Dynamixel FR13-H101K kit can be used to create an articulated frame for your Dynamixel X540 servo motor.

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Dynamixel FR13-H101K: for a truly articulated robot

The Dynamixel FR13-H101K kit is designed to create a frame for your Dynamixel X540 servo. It consists of an articulated frame and a bearing set, and gives your robot a new degree of freedom.

Technical specifications of the Dynamixel FR13-S101K kit


  • 1 FR13-H101K frame
  • 1 HN13-I101 frame
  • 4 FWB M2.5x17 flat head wrench bolts
  • 8 WB M2.5x5 wrench bolts
  • 18 WB M2.5x4 wrench bolts
  • 10 spacer ring
h2>Resources for the Dynamixel FR13-H101K structural components

Below you’ll find everything you need to get started with the Dynamixel FR13-H101K kit:

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