Palonnier et roulement HN11-I101
Palonnier et roulement HN11-I101

HN11-I101 - idler set for Dynamixel XL/XC

Robotis | A-000000-03003

The HN11-I101 Horn Set is the perfect fit for Dynamixel XL430 servos.

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Size Chart

Dynamixel horn set: a key component of your servo

The Dynamixel XL430-serie servos already come equipped with a HN11-N101 Horn Set. Still, you might need to mount a second at the back of the servo to assemble a frame and pass the cables through the hole at the back of the case. This opens up new possibilities in robotics design with your Dynamixel servo!

Technical specifications of the HN11-I101 set

Compatible with XL430 servos.

Not compatible with XM430 and XH430 servos.

Comes with:

  • 1 x plastic bearing
  • 1 x HN12-I101 idler
  • 1 x DC12 idler cap
  • 18 x M2*3 wrench bolts
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