FR08-H101 - frame and idler set for Dynamixel MX106

Robotis | A-000000-00528
Horn, frame and bearing set for Dynamixel EX-106+ and MX-106 actuators
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Size Chart
Size Chart

This set of structural parts for Dynamixel actuators EX-106+ and MX-106 contains the following elements :

  • 1 x FR08-H101 frame (Silver)
  • 1 x HN05-I101 Horn Idle
  • 1 x Bearing MF128ZZ + 1 x RX64 Cap Bearing
  • 10 x Wrench Bolt M2.5*4
  • 4 x Wrench Bolt M2.5*6
  • 1 x Wrench Bolt M3*6
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