SyRen 10 Motor Driver

SyRen 10 Motor Driver

SyRen 10 Motor Driver
Dimension Engineering | A-000000-03024
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Precision navigation, increased autonomy and varied operating modes: the SyRen 10 motor driver is one of the most efficient for medium-sized robots.

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SyRen 10 motor driver: give your robot a nimble edge

The SyRen 10 motor driver can supply and drive a DC brushed motor with up to 10A continuously (15A peak). It allows you to make very fast stops and changes of direction. With this regenerative driver from Dimension Engineering, the batteries are charged each time the robot slows down or reverses, for more autonomy. In the differential drive and R/C modes, you can also use two SyRen 10 boards to build differential drive robots.

A motor driver for robots up to 45 kg

The SyRen 10 motor driver is suitable for all types of robots and automated systems as it reads various control signals: examples include radio-controlled boats, tanks, wheeled vehicles and so on. It can drive robots up to 45 kg (15 kg for combat machines).

Technical specifications of the SyRen 10 from Dimension Engineering

  • Power supply: 6-24 Vdc (NiCd, NiMh, Lithium, lead battery) Do not use with an AC adapter
  • Output current:
    • Up to 18Vdc: 10A continuous, 15A peak
    • 24V in: 8A continuous, 10A continuous with additional heat sink, 15A peak
  • Control signal:
    • Analogue output voltage: 0-5 Vdc
    • R/C radio signal
  • Serial link (simplified or packetised)
  • LED status indicator
  • Thermal and overcurrent protection
  • Dimensions: 35 × 57 × 14 mm
  • Weight: 26 g

Resources for the SyRen 10 driver

All you need to know about the SyRen 10 is available just below!

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