SyRen 50 Motor Driver

SyRen 50 Motor Driver

SyRen 50 Motor Driver
Dimension Engineering | A-000000-03078
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Put the SyRen 50 motor driver to the test: up to 100A peak, 4 operating modes for controlling velocity or direction, and 100% safe.
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SyRen 10 motor driver: powerful, silent and versatile

The SyRen 50 can supply a single DC brushed motor for robots up to 110 kg (36 kg for combat robots). With 2 Dimension Engineering drivers used simultaneously, you can control speed and direction independently in the Diff-Drive and RC modes. You can choose between 4 operating modes: analogue voltage, radio control, simplified serial and packetised serial signals. SyRen’s transistors are switched at ultrasonic speeds so your drivers are truly silent!

An easy to use regenerative motor driver

The SyRen features screw terminal connectors, making it possible for you to build a robot without even soldering. With the regenerative drive, the SyRen 50’s batteries are charged each time the robot slows down or reverses, giving your machine more autonomy.

Technical specifications of the Dimension Engineering SyRen 50 motor driver

  • Power: 50A continuous, 100A peak
  • Voltage: 6-30V nominal, 33.6V absolute maximum
  • Synchronous regenerative drive
  • Ultrasonic switching frequency: 32 kHz
  • Thermal and overcurrent protection
  • Lithium protection mode
  • Inputs: analogue, R/C and serial (simplified/packetised)
  • Dimensions: 76.5 x 89 x 33 mm
  • Weight: 189 g

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