Kangaroo x2 Motion Controller

Kangaroo x2 Motion Controller

Kangaroo x2 Motion Controller
Dimension Engineering | A-000000-03023
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A Kangaroo motion controller for your dream mobile robot

Kangaroo adds feedback and motion control capabilities to the SyRen and Sabertooth families of motor drivers. It is self-tuning for ease of setup and will quickly prove indispensable! It is a great alternative to your microcontroller for closed-loop control and will become the central component of the most efficient servos.

The Kangaroo motion controller from Dimension Engineering can control position and/or velocity–you can configure combined actions–using quadrature encoders or potentiometers. Compatible with a vast array of motor controllers , it provides useful feedback during operation and can be used to design a radio-controlled servo from analogue or serial sources, as you see fit.

Command your creations with style

A mixed mode allows for unstoppable mobile robots with differential drive or tank style steering.

Technical specifications of the Kangaroo x2 motion controller

Resources for the Kangaroo x2

We’ve gathered various resources below so you can make the most of your Kangaroo x2!

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