Brushless Motor Controller Roboteq 1 x 30A 60V - SBL 1360 A

Brushless Motor Controller Roboteq 1 x 30A 60V - SBL 1360 A

Brushless Motor Controller Roboteq 1 x 30A 60V - SBL 1360 A
Roboteq | A-000000-07111
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The Roboteq SBL 1360 A controller allows you to control motors up to 30A and 60V equipped with a Hall effect sensor or with no sensor thanks to a trapezoidal control mode.

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SBL 1360 A brushless motor controller: up to 127 networked controllers

This Roboteq controller is designed to drive motors equipped with a Hall effect sensor. It uses the information received from the sensor to generate smooth continuous motor rotation. It can also be used with a sensorless motor, in which case you simply need to choose the sensorless trapezoidal control mode.

You can network up to 127 controllers on a single twisted pair cable thanks to CAN bus communication. This allows you to control a large number of DC motors with no complex wiring.

Using the SBL 1360 A controller with RoboRun+

You can configure and customise your brushless motor controller using the MicroBasic language. Roboteq has designed a PC utility, called RoboRun+, to help you intuitively write and edit lines of code. Its pull-down menus, buttons and sliders makes programming simpler. There is a RoboRun+ licence available for free download, or you can choose to purchase the RoboRun+ Pro licence for working with larger volumes of source code.

Technical specifications of the SBL 1360 A motor controller

  • Compatible motor type: brushless DC
  • Max. voltage: 60V
  • Number of channels: 1
  • Direction: forward/reverse
  • Max. power per channel: 30A
  • Continuous power per channel: 20A
  • ON resistance: 20 mOhms
  • Power connections: screw terminal
  • Sensorless trapezoidal control enabled
  • Field oriented control (FOC)
  • Communication: analogue, RS232, USB, CAN bus
  • Control loop: 1 ms
  • Regenerative braking
  • Analogue inputs: 6 max.
  • Digital inputs: 6 max.
  • Digital outputs: 2
  • Pulse inputs: 4 max.
  • Encoder: yes
  • Cooling: conduction plate
  • Safe Torque Off (STO): no
  • Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 27 mm
  • Weight: 60 g

Resources for the Roboteq SBL 1360 A controller

Stock up on all the documentation you need for your Roboteq SBL 1360 A Brushless Motor Controller thanks to the resources that we’ve compiled for you below:

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