Sabertooth 2x12A Regenerative Motor Driver 6V-24V
Sabertooth 2x12A Regenerative Motor Driver 6V-24V

Sabertooth 2x12A Regenerative Motor Driver 6V-24V

Dimension Engineering | A-000000-02985

Let your Sabertooth control and supply two DC motors, a microcontroller and a couple of servos, and your robot will reach new highs in manoeuvrability and autonomy!

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Size Chart

A Sabertooth 2x12A to control and supply your motors

The Sabertooth driver from Dimension Engineering allows you to control 2 brushed DC motors at currents of up to 12A each. Peak currents of 25A are achievable for a few seconds. There are different control modes accessible via analogue, R/C or serial inputs. The driver also has independent speed and direction operating modes.

Plus, the built-in 1A-5V DC-DC converter can provide power to a microcontroller or R/C receiver and a couple of servos.

Overcurrent and thermal protection means you’ll never have to worry about damaging the driver by hooking up too big a motor.

The first regenerative motor driver in its class

“Regenerative” means that your batteries get recharged whenever the driver commands your robot to slow down or reverse. Difficult to run out of power as the driver gets fully charged while you’re steering your robot! And the Sabertooth driver also allows you to make very fast stops and turns, giving your robot a nimble edge.

Technical specifications of the Sabertooth rb-dim-42

  • Sabertooth 2x12 model
  • Power:
  • 12A continuous
  • 25A peak per channel
  • Up to 24V input current
  • Synchronous regenerative drive
  • Ultrasonic switching frequency
  • Thermal and overcurrent protection
  • Lithium protection mode
  • Inputs: analogue, R/C and serial (plain/packetised)
  • Dimensions: 59 × 75 × 17 mm

Resources for the Sabertooth

Review the extensive collection of documents below for using your Sabertooth driver:

Data sheet
Number of channels
Max amps per channel
10-25 A
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