Doosan M1013 Robotic Arm

Doosan M1013 Robotic Arm

Doosan Robotics | A-000000-04306

The most versatile in the Doosan range, this ROS robotic arm offers a reach of 1.3 metres for a 10 kg payload. It will adapt to all your automation projects, in terms of both strength and flexibility.

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Doosan M1013 robotic arm: safe, simple and versatile

Doosan Robotics designs collaborative robots for all types of operators, from engineers to teachers to designers of industrial robotics solutions. There are currently 4 robotic arms in the range, including this M1013 ROS robotic arm. With 6 degrees of freedom and a total reach of 1,300 mm, the Doosan M1013 Robotic Arm offers the speed and precision of execution necessary for all types of automated operation.

  • A level of security you can configure for your chosen application
Programming templates designed to help you get your machine up and running, controlled using an integrated touch tablet Movement strength and flexibility that you can adapt to your needs; it can also apply a constant force, particularly useful for certain assembly and polishing operations

A collaborative robotics arm for all work environments

With the M1013 robotic arm, you can configure different work areas, each with a different level of security: area inaccessible to the arm, collaborative or non-collaborative. You can also customise speed and sensitivity according to the operating environment. In addition, the robotic arm’s tool centre adapts automatically to its surroundings, and you can limit its orientation to secure operator safety.

The M1013 model generates production data in real time. And you can manage constant speed parameters in the programming stages in anticipation of certain operations.

Programming collaborative robots Doosan Robotics

Technical specifications of the Doosan Robotics M1013 arm:

  • Robotic arm:
    • Degrees of freedom: 6
    • Payload: 10 kg
    • Reach: 1,300 mm
    • Tool speed: 1 m/s
    • Repeatability: ±0.1 mm
    • Operating temperature: 5–45 °C
    • Weight: 33 kg
    • Installation position: floor, ceiling, walls
    • Protection rating: IP54
    • I/O ports: Configured with 6 I/Os
    • Power supply:   24V / Max. 3A
    • Joint movement (range / speed):
    • J1: ±360° / 120°/s
    • J2: ±360° / 120°/s
    • J3: ±160° / 180°/s
    • J4: ±360° / 225°/s
    • J5: ±360° / 225°/s
    • J6: ±360° / 225°/s
  • Controller:
    • Interface: Ethernet (TCP/IP) / RS232 / USB / GPIO / WiFi
    • Fieldbus: Modbus TCP
    • Dimensions: 490 x 390 x 287 mm
    • Weight: 9 kg
    • Protection rating: IP20
    • I/O ports: 16
    • Power supply: 24V
  • Programming tablet:
    • Gorilla-type glass
    • 10.1” touchscreen
    • Weight: 800 g

Resources for the M1013 robot

Check out all the capabilities of the Doosan M1013 robotic arm in greater detail thanks to the resources we have compiled for you below:

Data sheet
6 DoF
Portée max.
1200-1300 mm
Charge utile max.
9-10 kg
+/- 0,1mm
Marquage CE
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