Doosan M0609 Robotic Arm

Doosan M0609 Robotic Arm

Doosan M0609 Robotic Arm
Doosan Robotics | A-000000-04373
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The Doosan M0609 Robotic Arm is an ideal collaborative robotics tool for repetitive operations carried out in small spaces.

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M0609 Doosan Robotic Arm: a perfect fit for all your technical tasks

The Doosan M0609 Robotic Arm is a collaborative robot equipped with extremely sensitive torque sensors. These allow it to adapt its strength, flexibility and force according to the operation it must carry out. It can evaluate the inclination of its work surface, the weight of its tool and the position of the centre of its tool in real time, to then polish, deburr or assemble parts as required. It offers a range of 90 cm for a payload of 6 kg, which means it can be used in confined spaces without compromising on efficiency.

Like all the robotic arms designed by Doosan Robotics, the M0609 has TÜV Sud certified configurable and customisable security settings. You can for example limit the orientation of the arm to optimise operator safety while working.

An easy-to-use ROS robotic arm

This Doosan robotic arm includes numerous programming templates to help you rapidly get it up and running, whether or not you are proficient in robotics. Production data is delivered to you in real time, and you also benefit from an open-source programming environment.

Programming collaborative robots Doosan Robotics

Programming operations can be accessed in Task Builder mode (intuitive pictogram programming), Task Writer (advanced program writing), or via DRCT (pure code editor). Finally, various accessories are also available to make better use of your robot and configuration simpler, for example Cockpit, which optimises programming and offers constrained movement options.

Technical specifications of the ROS M0609 robotic arm

  • Robotic arm:
    • Joints: 6
    • Payload: 6 kg
    • Range: 900 mm
    • Speed: 1 m/s
    • Repeatability: ± 0.1 mm
    • Operating temperature: 5-45 °C
    • Weight: 27 kg
    • Installation position: floor, ceiling, walls
    • Protection rating: IP54
    • Configured with 6 I/Os
    • Supply:   24V / Max. 3A
  • Joint movement (range / speed):
    • J1: ±360° / 180°/s
    • J2: ±360° / 180°/s
    • J3: ±150° / 180°/s
    • J4: ±360° / 225°/s
    • J5: ±360° / 225°/s
    • J6: ±360° / 225°/s
  • Controller:
    • Interface: Ethernet (TCP/IP) / RS232 / USB / GPIO / WiFi
    • Fieldbus: Modbus TCP
    • Dimensions: 490 x 390 x 287 mm
    • Weight: 9 kg
    • Protection rating: IP20
    • I/O ports: 16
    • Power supply: 24V
  • Programming tablet:
    • Gorilla-type glass
    • 10.1” touchscreen
    • Weight: 0.8 kg

Resources for the M0609 robotics component

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