360 Degree Laser Scanner (RPLIDAR A2M8) with development kit

360 Degree Laser Scanner (RPLIDAR A2M8) with development kit

360 Degree Laser Scanner (RPLIDAR A2M8) with development kit
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360 Degree Laser Scanner: the most popular scanner among robotics enthusiasts

Coming in at a (quite) reasonable price, the RPLIDAR A2 360 Degree Laser Scanner offers a very attractive range of functions, and is notably equipped with a 360° 2D laser scanner capable of detecting obstacles at a distance of 12 metres. Above all, it was created using a technology that is capable of mapping, modelling, and of course localising obstacles and paths. The added bonus? You can use several robots equipped with the same localisation devices without fear of interference. Yep, you’re free to create a flash rob’!

Depending on your projects’ needs, you can also configure your laser scanner’s rotational speed using its motor’s PWM signal. In terms of performance, it offers a scan frequency of between 5 and 15 Hz, a resolution of less than 0.5 mm at less than 1.5 m, an angular resolution of less than 1° for a scan frequency of 5.5 Hz, and a sampling frequency of about 4000 Hz. It therefore delivers a very good all-round performance, is ROS-compatible, comes with its own development kit, and offers more than satisfactory value for money.

RPLIDAR  A2 Laser Scanner: a multitude of applications

Not only will the RPLIDAR A2 Laser Scanner allow your robot to find its bearings and move around in its environment, but it also offers mapping and 3D modelling functions. The device supplies data constantly and at an excellent frequency allowing you to create all the simulations you like, including the most complex, by mapping your mobile robot’s environment and benefiting from 2D point cloud data. Your RPLIDAR 2 also allows you to create a 3D replica of the places localised by your scanner to create simulations. Plus, thanks to the plug-and-play system, this all becomes unnervingly simple: connect your scanner to your computer, and you’re off!

Technical specifications of the RPLIDAR A2 360° Laser Scanner

  • Model: RPLDIAR-A2
  • Distance range: 0.15–12 m
  • Angular range: 0–360°
  • Resolution (in mm): less than 1% of the distance (0.5 mm at 1.5 m)
  • Angular resolution: less than or equal to 1°
  • Sampling duration: 0.25 ms
  • Sampling frequency: 4000 Hz
  • Scan frequency: 10hz (600rpm)
  • SLAM technology (localisation and mapping)
  • 3D modelling
  • Human interaction and multi-touch
  • UART/USB interface
  • ROS-compatible
  • Open source SDK & tools

Resources for the 360 Degree Laser Scanner (RPLIDAR A2) with development kit

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