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Slamtec Lidars are laser sensors used for real-time mapping and localization. These Lidars can be used for various applications, such as robotics, drones, surveillance, industrial automation, precision agriculture, and much more.

Powerful LiDARs for real-time mapping and localization

Slamtec Lidars uses laser telemetry technology to send laser pulses and measure the distance and shape of objects in their field of view. This data is used to build a real-time map of the environment around the Lidar. SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) mapping technology is also used to estimate the Lidar's position relative to the real-time map, enabling accurate and reliable localization in dynamic environments.

A variety of options in terms of range and resolution

  • RPLIDAR A1M8: Range of 2.2 to 6 meters and a resolution of 1 degree
  • RPLIDAR A2M6: Range of 20cm to 16 meters and a resolution of 0.45 to 1.35 degrees
  • RPLIDAR A2M8: Range of 0.15 to 12 meters and a resolution of 1 degree
  • RPLIDAR A3M1: Range of 25 meters and a resolution of 0.225 or 0.36 degrees
  • RPLIDAR S1: Range of 40 meters and a resolution of 0.391 degrees
  • RPLIDAR S2: Range of 30 meters and a resolution of 0.12 degrees

Slamtec Lidars are also known for their low power consumption and ease of use, making them ideal for various robotics and automation applications.

The LPX-T1 represents the first high-performance medium and long-range LiDAR laser developed by SLAMTEC.

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SLAMTEC has introduced a new generation of laser rangefinders with integrated mapping and localization features.

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SLAMTEC presents the RPLIDAR A2M12, a new-generation 360-degree 2D laser scanner offering an affordable, high-performance solution.

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Following the RPLIDAR A2M6, A1M8 and A2,, this new-generation 2D 360° laser range scanner offers two modes of operation, a rotation speed detection system and a much better performance, even in broad daylight. All at excellent value for money!

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SLAMTEC has introduced the RPLIDAR C1, a cost-effective and high-definition LiDAR.

Available early 2024
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The RPLIDAR S1 360° Laser Scanner, featuring ToF technology, is ultra-compact, easy to use and perfectly stable for outdoor use.

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The new SLAMTEC RPLIDAR S2 is a compact, affordable and durable device offering stability and superior performance.


SLAMTEC has introduced the RPLIDAR S3, a new generation of lightweight, high-performance and compact LiDAR.

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SLAMTEC's LPX-E3P1 LiDAR offers 360° industrial surveillance with high accuracy at ranges of up to 40 metres. Featuring SL-DToF technology, it guarantees reliable performance and flexible management of up to 64 simultaneous surveillance configurations.

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Small, accurate, low cost and fast, the 2D 360° RPLIDAR A1M8 laser scanner can perform about everything you can imagine, from 3D mapping to obstacle detection.

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This 2D lidar allows real-time mapping, localisation and navigation. It’s compatible with the Unitree robot dogs.

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