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Slamtec provides first consumer level high performance robot localization and navigation solution in the world, as well as core sensor products

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The new SLAMTEC RPLIDAR S2 is a compact, affordable and durable device offering stability and superior performance.

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The RPLidar A2M6 by SLAMTEC is a 360° 2D laser range scanner that works at a distance of up to 16 metres.

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The mobile base Apollo by SLAMTEC is a middle-sized robotic base. It’s a performing and strong development platform (ultrasonic sensors, PRLidar, depth camera) and it can take a load of up to 35 kg! Developers have access to SDK SLAMWARE allowing them to develop third-party applications (including iOS and Android) and to have access to the data collected by the sensors of the robot Apollo.

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Small, accurate, low cost and fast, the 2D 360° RPLIDAR A1M8 laser scanner can perform about everything you can imagine, from 3D mapping to obstacle detection.

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Following the RPLIDAR A2M6, A1M8 and A2,, this new-generation 2D 360° laser range scanner offers two modes of operation, a rotation speed detection system and a much better performance, even in broad daylight. All at excellent value for money!

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Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for locating, mapping and navigating your mobile robot? Slamtec has thought of everything with the SDP mobile base: hardware, software, connectivity, it’s all there!

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