Sabertooth 25 A Motor Driver

Sabertooth 2x 25 A Motor Driver

Sabertooth 25 A Motor Driver
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Probably one of the best drivers in its class – the Sabertooth 2x 25 A Motor Driver is powerful, versatile, extremely reliable and allows you to control 2 motors at once while recharging your supply batteries!
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Discover all the benefits of the Sabertooth 2X25 V2 regenerative motor driver!

There are lots, as you’ll see! The Sabertooth 2X25 V2 regenerative motor driver is a 2 motor driver supplying up to 25 A of power to each brushed motor, with peaks of 50 A lasting a few seconds. The driver is protected against overload and overheating, so there is no risk of it being damaged anytime soon!

It has 2 operating modes selected using the switches built into the integrated circuit’s casing, so you won’t need to waste jumpers to pass from one mode to the other. And to make life even simpler, the 2 motor driver’s connectors are all in the form of screw terminals, just to save even more time by doing away with the need for welding.

One of the main advantages of this Sabertooth Motor Driver is no doubt its regenerative function: put simply, whenever you reverse the motors or you slow them down, you also recharge your batteries! And while we’re on the subject of power, it’s worth pointing out that the driver is equipped with a 5 V BEC, which means you can power a microcontroller or a remote control receiver.

Sabertooth 2 Motor Driver 2X25 V2: for which robots?

Given the power this driver is able to develop for two brushed motors, it is suitable for use on both combat robots weighing up to 45 kg and more “peaceful”, but much heavier (up to 135 kg!), leisure robots.

The different operating and communication modes also allow you to control electric vehicles, mobile toys and even more complex robots. You can also use this driver with all devices requiring two brushed motors, such as electric pumps, conveyor systems and any other automatic system.

Technical specifications of the Sabertooth Motor Driver 2X25 V2

  • Power: 25 A continuous, 50 A peak (per channel)
  • Input signals: Analogue, R/C, simplified serial, packetised serial
  • 5 V 1 A switch-mode BEC output for external electronic components (like the Spektrum receiver)
  • Synchronous regenerative drive
  • Ultra-sonic switching frequency (your driver is truly silent!)
  • Thermal and overload protection
  • Lithium protection mode
  • Size: 65 x 80 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 96 g

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Data sheet
Number of channels
Max amps per channel
50-70 A
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