Contrôleur de moteur à balais 2 x 20A 60 V - SDC 2160

Brushed Motor Controller Roboteq 2 x 20A 60V - SDC 2160

Contrôleur de moteur à balais 2 x 20A 60 V - SDC 2160
Roboteq | A-000000-04358
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The Roboteq SDC 2160 2 x 20A-60V controller can drive two brushed motors, offers a precise control of position and speed, and is easy to implement.

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Roboteq SDC 2160 Controller: no more freewheeling

This Roboteq controller consists of a drive system with a quadrature encoder and a 32-bit microcontroller. It is designed to drive 2 brushed DC motors (up to 20A and 60V per channel). It accepts numerous control signals: USB, RS232, analogue, and so on. These signals are converted into different voltage and output power levels, then transmitted to the motors. You can network up to 127 controllers on a single twisted pair cable thanks to CAN bus connecting.

Extended control over your motors’ performance

The SDC 2160 brushed motor controller generates advanced motion control algorithms in speed or position mode. This way, it can set the rotation of each channel with flexibility. For mobile robot applications in particular, the two motor channels can either be operated independently or synchronously, for instance to control a robotised vehicle.

The Roboteq SDC controller is fully configurable and can be programmed using a MicroBasic script editor. Roboteq has designed a free PC utility (a Pro version is available for a fee) to help you compile scripts and write lines of open source code for your SDC 2160 controller.

Technical specifications of the SDC 2160 brushed motor controller

  • Compatible motor type: brushed DC
  • Voltage rating: 60V max.
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Direction: forward/reverse
  • Power per channel: 20A max.
  • Continuous power per channel: 10A
  • ON resistance: 10 mOhms
  • Power connections: screw terminal
  • Communication: analogue, RS232, USB, CAN
  • Programming: MicroBasic scripts
  • Control loop: 1 ms
  • Regenerative braking
  • Analogue inputs: 4 max.
  • Digital inputs: 6 max.
  • Digital outputs: 2
  • Pulse inputs: 5 max.
  • Encoder: yes
  • Cooling: conduction plate
  • Safe Torque Off (STO): no
  • Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 100 g

Resources for the SDC 2160 controller

Do not use your Roboteq SDC 2160 motor controller blindly: we’ve provided the right links just for you!

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