FRP42-H121K - frame for Dynamixel Pro 42

FRP42-H121K - Hinge frame for DYNAMIXEL PRO 42-Series

FRP42-H121K - frame for Dynamixel Pro 42
Robotis | A-000000-04346
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The FRP42-H121K Set is designed to fit Dynamixel Pro 42-Series servomotors.

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FRP42-H121K: A Set to bring more motion to your robotic creation

The FRP42-H121K Set is a high-strength aluminum hinge frame available as an option for the Dynamixel Pro 42-Series Servomotors.

Technical specifications of the FRP42-H121K Dynamixel Set

Package Components:

  • 1 FRP42-H121K Set
  • 20 Wrench Bolt WB M3x8
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