Hokuyo YVT-35LX Laser Range Finder – 3D LiDAR

Hokuyo YVT-35LX Laser Range Finder – 3D LiDAR

Hokuyo YVT-35LX Laser Range Finder – 3D LiDAR
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The Hokuyo YVT-35LX laser range finder – 3D LiDAR combines a multi-echo function and an on-board IMU sensor providing the most accurate 3D mapping outdoors, in all weather.

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Hokuyo YVT-35LX Laser Range Finder – 3D LiDAR: point cloud data and a wide field of view

The Hokuyo YVT-35LX laser range finder – 3D LiDAR can scan an area horizontally (210°) and vertically (40°) for fast and efficient 3D mapping.

It can cover a large area with a 14 m vertical range and a 35 m horizontal range (maximum). The on-board IMU sensor can obtain data points in groups of 20 for the horizontal view and 10 vertically. It also provides acceleration and angular speed data to generate the most precise point cloud as possible.

Lightweight, compact, and low-power, this Hokuyo LiDAR is a great fit for many robotics applications in the fields of research or industry: obstacle detection, mapping and localisation, precise profiling, and much more.

Hokuyo YVT-35LX – 3D LiDAR: for outdoor uses

The Hokuyo YVT-35LX laser range finder – 3D LiDAR is based on a multi-echo technology that will keep it working at its best, even in rain or in foggy weather.

Its IP67 protective case make it immune to dust, and it can even endure water immersion for a very short time. In such a case, make sure to disconnect its power supply.

Technical specifications of the YVT-35LX telemeter – 3D LiDAR

  • Light source: class 1 laser diode 905 nm
  • Input voltage: 12-24 Vdc
  • Power: 1.5A at start-up, 0.8A operating, at 12V
  • Operating voltage: 10 to 30 Vdc
  • Horizontal scan angle: 201° or more (pitch: 6°, accuracy: +/- 0.125°)
  • Vertical scan angle: 40° (5 to 35°, accuracy: +/- 2°)
  • Horizontal reach: 35 m
  • Vertical reach: 14 m
  • Interlace:
    • Horizontal: 2-20 times
  • HD mode: 20 times (horizontal), 10 times (vertical)
  • Scan speed: 20 MHz
  • Accuracy: +/- 50 mm
  • Multi-echo function: 4 echoes
  • Acceleration and angular speed IMU data
  • Interface: 100BASE-TX Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Weight: 650 g
  • Dimensions: 70 x 106 x 95 mm

Resources for the Hokuyo YVT-35LX – 3D LiDAR

Have a closer look at the specifications of the Hokuyo YVT-35LX – 3D LiDAR in the document below:

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