Hokuyo PBS-03JN Infrared LED LiDAR

Hokuyo PBS-03JN Infrared LED LiDAR

Hokuyo PBS-03JN Infrared LED LiDAR
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The Hokuyo PBS-03JN range finder is perfect for obstacle detection applications on autonomous mobile platforms. Small in form and light in weight, it integrates into any robotised systems.

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Hokuyo PBS-03JN: a LiDAR with a 3 m scanning range

The Hokuyo PBS-03JN LiDAR with infrared LED scanning can report obstacles up to 3 m away (over a 2 m wide detection area or less), for a maximum 100 mm beam diameter at full range.

  • You can program 15 pre-set detection areas on your PC.
  • The programmes can be uploaded to the LiDAR using your PC.
  • For each area, you can configure up to 3 outputs.

The Hokuyo PBS-03JN scans the programmed area, computes the coordinates of all the objects detected in the area, and determines the position of obstacles in its path.

Possible uses of the Hokuyo PBS-03JN range finder

The Hokuyo PBS-03JN’s infrared obstacle detection function is particularly suitable for all autonomous robotics platforms, mobile vehicles and automatic guidance systems.

Both compact and economical, this LED infrared range finder is an interesting alternative to LiDARs in indoor environments. It can easily integrate into any battery-operated platforms.

Technical specifications of the Hokuyo PBS-03JN infrared range finder

  • Range: 20 cm to 3 m
  • Beam diameter: approx. 100 mm at 3 m
  • Scan window: 180°
  • Angular resolution: 1.8°
  • Response time: 180 msec or less
  • Scan speed: 100 msec/revolution
  • 15 programmable detection areas
  • Voltage rating: 24 Vdc (18 to 30 Vdc)
  • Power consumption: 250 mA max.
  • Hysteresis: 10% or less of detecting distance (not smaller than 60 mm)
  • 4 inputs, 3 outputs
  • Light source: Infrared LED (wave length 880 nm)
  • Interface: RS-232C
  • LMS Laser measurement system
  • LRF Laser range finder
  • Polycarbonate front case
  • ABS resin rear case
  • Dimensions: 70 x 75 x 60 mm
  • Weight: 500 g

Resources for the Hokuyo PBS-03JN model

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