Hokuyo UST-05LA Laser Range Finder

Hokuyo UST-05LA Laser Range Finder

Hokuyo UST-05LA Laser Range Finder
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Light, compact, economical, and supporting up to 31 configurable detection areas: the Hokuyo UST-05LA laser range finder is most particularly intended for obstacle detection and localisation applications.

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Hokuyo UST-05LA Laser Range Finder: light in weight and high speed

The Hokuyo UST-05LA range finder is one of the smallest laser scanning detection sensors in its class. Measuring 50 x 70 mm and weighing 130 g, it’s a great fit for many robotics applications in the fields of research or industry.

The scanning technology is based on the time-of-flight (ToF) principle. A laser beam scans a designated area. When it detects an object, the telemeter measures the time it takes the beam laser to be returned. When the sensor detects an object in the area, corresponding outputs are switched to an OFF state.

Detection fields of the Hokuyo Laser Rangefinder UST-05LA

The Hokuyo UST-05LA range finder allows the user to configure up to 31 detection areas. With a 270° field of view and a 25 msec response time, it is making a name for itself as one of the most efficient and fast telemeters in its class, at excellent value for money.

Other view of the detection field of the Hokuyo Laser Rangefinder UST-05LA

A wide variety of uses in mobile and industrial robotics

The UST-25LA telemeter combines speed, precision, and compactness in an ideal sensor for many robotised systems.

  • For instance, it enables your robot mobile to navigate autonomously and avoid obstacles;
  • It can be used as a mapping and object localisation device for your indoor applications;
  • You can also integrate it into an automated surveillance system, or into a solution for locating autonomous robots and automated handling devices in an industrial environment.

Technical specifications of the Hokuyo UST-05LA LiDAR

  • Input voltage: 12-24V (operating range: 10-30V, 10% ripple)
  • Supply current: 150 mA or less (400 mA at start-up)
  • Light source: class 1 laser semiconductor 905 nm
  • Detection range:
    • 60 mm to 5 m (white Kent sheet)
    • 60 mm to 2 m (10% diffuse reflectance)
  • Minimum detectable size: 130 mm (according to distance)
  • Accuracy: +/- 40 mm
  • Standard deviation: σ < 20 mm
  • Scan angle: 270°
  • Scan speed: 25 msec (motor speed: 2400 rpm)
  • Angular resolution: 0.5°
  • Start-up time: within 10 sec (start-up time differs if malfunction is detected during start-up)
  • Outputs:
    • Photo coupler, open collector output: 30V, 50 mA
    • 1. Output 1 OFF during object detection
    • 2. Output 2 OFF during object detection
    • 3. Output 3 OFF during object detection
    • Malfunction output: ON during normal operation, OFF during malfunction
    • Synchronisation output: synchronisation signal during Master/Slave operation
    • Note: outputs 1 to 3 are switched off during malfunction state
  • Inputs:
    • Photo-coupler, common anode, power supply is 4 mA when input is on
    • Input 1 to 5: area switching inputs
    • Synchronisation input: synchronisation signal during Slave operation
  • Output response time: 66 to 3,241 msec (OFF/ON)
  • Hysteresis:
    • High: 6.25%
    • Low: 3.125%
    • No hysteresis (default)
  • Interface: USB/RS-422)
  • LED display:
    • Blue LED: ON during normal operation, blink during start-up, configuration and malfunction state
    • Orange LED 1: output 1 ON during object detection
    • Orange LED 2: output 2 ON during object detection
    • Orange LED 3: output 3 ON during object detection
  • Synchronisation:
    • Master/Slave operation mode (can set by using Area Designer)
    • Synchronisation in slave mode: 0°
    • Synchronisation in slave mode: 90°
    • Synchronisation in slave mode: 180°
    • Synchronisation in slave mode: 270°
  • Surrounding intensity: less than 15,000 lx
    • Note: avoid direct sunlight or other illumination sources as it may cause sensor malfunction
  • Ambient temperature/humidity: -10 to 50°C, 85% humidity (without dew or frost)
  • Storage temperature/humidity: -30 to 70°C, 85% humidity (without dew or frost)
  • Polycarbonate front case, aluminium rear case
  • Weight: 130 g
  • Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 70 mm

Resources for the UST-25LA Laser Range Finder

Have a closer look at the capacities of the Hokuyo UST-05LA laser range finder in the document below:

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