Hokuyo UXM-30LAH-EWA Laser Range Finder

Hokuyo UXM-30LAH-EWA Laser Range Finder

Hokuyo UXM-30LAH-EWA Laser Range Finder
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The Hokuyo UXM-30LAH-EWA laser range finder is one of the longer-range models from the Japanese LiDAR manufacturer. In ideal conditions, it can detect objects up to 120 m.

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Hokuyo UXM-30LAH-EWA Laser Range Finder: a far-sighted scanner for outdoor applications

The Hokuyo UXM-30LAH-EWA LiDAR is specifically designed for long-range detection. It can detect objects at a distance ranging from 20 cm to 30 m, even with low reflectance. It can see even farther: up to 80 m and even 120 m in optimal conditions. Output data communication is provided by a 100BASE-TX Ethernet interface.

Thanks to its multi-echo technology, it remains fully operational even in rain and in foggy weather. Its IP67 protection class makes this UXM-30LAH-EWA model a perfect fit for outdoor applications. It even includes a heater to withstand the cold.

Possible uses for the Hokuyo UXM-30LAH-EWA range finder

The Hokuyo UXM-30LAH-EWA laser range finder is therefore one of the most efficient outdoor LiDARs in its class. It can integrate into an area surveillance system or an autonomous navigation platform and can measure distances over a very long range.

Its specifications also make it a great fit for industrial applications. For instance, you can use it in an anti-collision solution for automated machines or in a traffic surveillance system.

Technical specifications of the UXM-30LAH-EWA range finder

  • Range: max. 120 m
  • Scan angle: 190°
  • Light source: class 1 laser semiconductor 785 nm
  • Input voltage: 10 to 30 Vdc
  • Detection range:
    • 10 cm to 30 m at 10% reflectance
    • 10 cm to 80 m at 90 % reflectance
  • Minimum size of a detectable object:
    • 33 mm (to 5 m)
    • 65 mm (to 10 m)
    • 200 mm (to 30 m)
  • Angular resolution: approx. 0.125°
  • Scan speed: 50 msec/scan
  • Interface: BASE100-TX Ethernet
  • Output: synchronisation, master output, failure output
  • Input: synchronisation
  • Protection rating: IP67
  • 2 m 4-pin to RJ45 cable included
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Dimensions: 124 x 126 x 150 mm

Resources for the Hokuyo UXM-30LAH-EWA LiDAR

Take a closer look at the Hokuyo UXM-30LAH-EWA Laser Range Finder thanks to the document below:

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