FR13-S105K – Dynamixel XW540 Side Frame Set

Robotis | A-000000-04807
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This structural component is designed specifically for the Dynamixel XW540, to fix your servo in the position that suits you best.

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The FR13-S105K set: 3 mounting positions for your Dynamixel servo

This structural component for Dynamixel XW540 servos makes it easy for you to attach your servo to your robotics platform. It can be installed in 3 different positions: at the top, at the bottom or on the side of the servo motor.

You can use the various structural components available for the XW540 model to assemble 2 servos or to fix a single servo in the exact position you want.

Technical specifications of the FR13-S105K set

  • Compatible only with the Dynamixel XW540 servo motors
  • 1 FR13-S105K structural component
  • 6 FWB M2.5*17 flat head wrench bolts
  • 8 WB M2.5*5 wrench bolts
  • 10 WB M2.5*4 wrench bolts
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