FR13-H105K – Dynamixel XW540 Hinge Frame and Idler Set

Robotis | A-000000-04806
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This structural component and idler for the Dynamixel XW540 servo is one of various sets proposed by Robotis for assembling servos in different configurations.

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Hinge frame and idler: a complete set for the Dynamixel XW540

This set includes a hinge frame for adding an articulated attachment to your robotic platform using Dynamixel XW540 servos. It includes the FR13-I105 set, which consists of an idler and an idler frame.

The set comes with compatible bolts for attaching the structural component in various configurations, including at the top or on the side of the servo.

Technical specifications of the FR13-H105K set for the XW540 servo

  • Compatible only with the Dynamixel XW540 servo motors
  • 1 FR13-H105K structural component
  • 1 FR13-I105 idler set
  • 10 WB M2.5*5 wrench bolts
  • 10 WB M2.5*4 wrench bolts
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