SWD® Starter Kit (SIL2 / PLd certified)

SWD® Starter Kit (SIL2 / PLd certified)

SWD® Starter Kit (SIL2 / PLd certified)
EZ-WHEEL | A-000000-05140
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The SWD® Starter Kit is a development kit for AGVs (automated guided vehicles), AGCs (automated guided carts) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots). You can use it to rapidly begin developing your own mobile robot compatible with the ez-Wheel SWD® Safety Wheel Drive technology.

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Ideal development kit for AGVs and AMRs

Creating an AGV or an autonomous robot can be as lengthy as it is tedious. Ez-Wheel offers you a fully-equipped platform to start assembling your robot with a motorization, a processor, a battery, and a security system (LiDAR laser rangefinder) ready to use. In addition to being CE certified, this mobile base provides SIL2/PLd certified motion control and ensures compliance with ISO 3691-4 standard (standard for "unmanned trucks").

The onboard computer in your starter kit comes pre-installed with Linux and ROS to kickstart your robotic application development immediately, and at no extra cost. The integrated NiMH battery has a capacity of 9 Ah to ensure optimal autonomy for your device.

This mobile base allows you to assemble the robot or autonomous vehicle of your choice, equipped with a line-tracking sensor or an autonomous navigation system .


Kit Contents:

  • An SWD® Starter Kit
  • A controller for teleoperation and environmental recognition
  • A European charger (charger also available in AUS, USA, and UK versions)
  • A WiFi dongle for connecting to an external WiFi
  • A quick start guide: step-by-step startup guide that takes you from setting up the platform to activating all functions and components of the platform
  • + Individual packaging
  • + Individual protective over-packaging for transportation (pallet box)

Robotization kit for various applications:

  • AGV
  • AMR
  • Cobots
  • Mobile Robots
  • (...)

Why choose the SWD® Starter Kit?

  • 1 - 100% generic components adaptable to your needs
  • 2 - A reduction in the number of components compared to a typical AMR
  • 3 - Products already certified to facilitate compliance with ISO 3691-4 standard
  • 4 - A comprehensive user package offering documentation, software, GitHub, CANopen dictionary, etc.

Technical Specifications of the SWD® Starter Kit Development Kit

  • Motorization: 2 SWD® Core motors with 125 mm wheels
  • Sensor: SIL2/PLd LiDAR Scanner (compatible with SICK , PILZ, OMRON, HOKUYO , LEUZE, KEYENCE)
  • Processor: Industrial PC with Linux OS, ROS, and pre-installed and functional SWD® motorization drivers
  • Speed: 0 to 3 km/h
  • Battery: 24 V - 9 Ah NiMH
  • OS: Linux/ROS
  • Safety functions compliant with ISO 3691-4 standard
  • Weight: 29.5 kg
  • CE certified
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