EPX430-BR101 Set

EPX430-BR101 - Kit for Dynamixel XM, XH and XD

EPX430-BR101 Set
Robotis | A-000000-05478
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This EPX430-BR101 kit is an enhanced extension for the X430, offering optimum performance and even greater accuracy.
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What is it?

It’s a powerful, adjustable and scalable automatic system you can combine with the Dynamixel XM, XH and XD series of servo motors for your more complex robotics needs and assemblies. You can use the entire EPX430-BR101 kit (compatible with various platforms) to facilitate and optimise servo combinations, for greater control over more intelligent and functional mechanical and electronic rotation systems. A word of advice, make sure you refer to the diagram provided and follow the order of assembly, because once assembled it cannot be reused.

Technical specifications

The EPX430-BR101 Set includes:

  • 3 bolts (WB M2.5x17) for upper part assembly
  • 3 bolts (WB M2.5x5) for lower part assembly
  • 2 bolts (WB M2.5x8) (XM/XH430 models)
  • 2 bolts (WB M3x8) (XD430 models)
  • 1 thrust washer


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