Dynamixel - XC serie

The XC Dynamixel servomotors (that are part of the X serie) are half-way between the XL range (entry-level) and the XM (mid-level performance). XC Dynamixel servomotors have a low stall torque but a high speed compared to the rest of the X serie. Applications: motors for small mobile robots’ wheels, pan-tilt turrets for ultrasonic sensor, etc.

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The Dynamixel XC430-W240-T servo motor generates one of the most powerful torque in its class for a lower energy consumption.

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More powerful than the XL430 model, the Dynamixel XC430-W150-T servo has a stronger torque for fast and robust robotic creations.

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Dynamixel is back with a groundbreaking model, the 2XC430-W250-T. A single Dynamixel servomotor to drive two axes. Two degrees of freedom for a single servomotor!

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