TurtleBot 2 (2015 kit)

TurtleBot 2 (2015 kit)

Willow Garage | A-000000-01937
The successor to the famous TurtleBot finally arrives in Europe. The TurtleBot 2 is a complete mobile robot which is programmed with ROS and offers advanced capabilities, thanks to the various embedded sensors and to the ASUS Xtion Pro.
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The mobile robot TurtleBot

The version 1 of TurtleBot was introduced by 3 comapnies working together : Willow Garage (the company that support ROS), ClearPath Robotics and "I Heart Engineering" in april 2011. The objective was to propose a mobile robot specifically designed for ROS that is efficient and inexpensive, targetting hobbyists, education and researchers. The TurtleBot is one robot officialy proposed by Willow Garage to program using ROS.

TurtleBot logo

The idea of this robot is to rely on a mobile base derived from a robot vacuum cleaner, for cost reasons but also reliability. The TurtleBot version 1 was based on the iCreate from iRobot. The problem is that the iCreate can’t get exported outside of the U.S. because there’s no electronics certification and also because Create can’t handle 220-volt power supplies.

In addition to the mobile base, the TurtleBot 2 features a laptop and a ASUS Xtion Pro sensor. Being ROS based, this robot is the perfect candidate for those who are interested in mobile robotics, localisation and mapping, automatic movement ...

Logo ROS

The new TurtleBot 2 robot

The TurtleBot 2 is the brand new version of the TurtleBot proposed by Willow Garage and ClearPath Robotics. If the version 1 relied on a mobile technology that was more than 10 years old, the new TurtleBot 2 robot is based on Kobuki robot from Yujin Robot, a Korean company. This mobile base has been designed to provide a modern, up-to-date platform and everything has been redesigned on TurtleBot 2 to provide a much more powerful robot.

Kobuki mobile Base

The Kobuki mobile robot, main part of the TurtleBot 2


Improvements of the TurtleBot 2

The TurtleBot 2 robot has many improvments compared to the previous version. These improvements are:

  • Greater autonomy: If the autonomy of the Kobuki is already better than its predecessor, it has been greatly improved by the integration of additional external batteries to power the laptop and the mobile base. The autonomy of TurtleBot 2 has been extended to 2-3 hours!
  • In addition to autonomy, Kobuki is able to bring more power to your additional sensors and manipulators.
  • A docking station: there is no need to stop and plug your robot. Using this self-charging dock, your robot will be able to recharge its batteries (and then the laptop) which makes possible continuous operation of the robot. You’ll be able to leave TurtleBot 2 on 24/7, which enables true remote access for robot sharing or telepresence or unsupervised autonomy.
  • More accurate wheel encoders: odometry gains in precision thanks to the encoders of the Kobuki which are extremely accurate (11.7 ticks/mm, 25718.16 ticks/revolution).
  • Larger wheels that allow the robot to pass obstacles up to 12mm.
  • A built-in gyroscope: The Kobuki incorporates a one axis factory calibrated gyroscope with an accuracy of 100°/second
  • A greater speed: maximum speed of 65cm/s


What is included?

Pre-assembled version of TurtleBot 2 contains:

  • The Kobuki mobile base
  • A USB cable
  • TurtleBot mounting hardware and platters
  • ASUS Xtion Pro
  • 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Li-Ion charger
  • A netbook (laptop)


All parts fully assembled with ROS preinstalled

TurtleBot v2 schema

Technical specifications of the TurtleBot 2

The main technical specifications of the TurtleBot 2 are as follows:

  • The Kobuki mobile base:
    • 3 x Bumpers: left, centre, right
    • 1 x Cliff sensors
    • 1 x Wheel drop sensor (one per wheel)
    • Power connectors: 5 V @ 1 A, 12 V @ 1.5 A, 12 V @ 5 A, 19 V @ 1 A
    • Pins: 3.3 V @ 1 A, 5 @ 1 A, 4 x analog in, 4 x digital in, 4 x digital out
    • Programmable audio, LEDs and touch buttons
    • Battery: Lithium Ion 2200 mAh
    • Payload: 5 kg (hard floor), 4 kg (carpet)
  • The Netbook (warning, Computer specifications subject to change based on availability):
    • Screen: 11.6” WXGA LED screen
    • Processor: Intel® Atom™ N2500 dual-core CPU @ 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB DDR3
    • Graphics : Intel® GMA3600, 400 MHz
    • Internal Hard Drive: 320 GB
  • Dimensions :
  • Weight : environ 5 kg
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