Carte de contrôle CM-150
Carte de contrôle CM-150

CM-150 Controller

Robotis | A-000000-01545
The CM-150 Controller is used for programming robotics kits like the Robotis Dream Level 2. It will allow you to connect numerous components, for example sensors, gearmotors and LED modules.
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Robotis CM-150 Controller: take your robot in hand

With the CM-150 Controller by Robotis, you’ll have all the connections you need to transform your robot into a truly interesting creation: infrared sensors, touch sensors, gearmotors, servos and other modules can all be controlled using a single board!

The CM-150 Controller is programmed using the RoboPlus, RoboPlus Task and RoboPlus Manager software.

Please note that you can’t use RoboPlus Motion with the CM-150.

CM-150 Controller compatibility

The CM-150 Controller is used for the Robotis Dream robotics kits, notably the Robotis Dream Level 2 kit, which offers an introduction to robotics programming.

Please note that the CM-150 Controller can’t be installed on an OLLO kit, as these work only with the CM-100A model.

Technical specifications of the CM-150 Controller

  • Weight: 21 g
  • Processor: ARM Cortex STM32F103C8
  • Operating voltage: 3.2–4.2 V
  • Recommended voltage: 3.7 V (Li-ion battery x 1)
  • Consumption:
    • Standby mode: 50 mA
    • Run mode: 70 mA
    • Max.: 300 mA
  • Operating temperature: -5 to 70 °C
  • I/O for internal devices:
    • 3 for infrared sensors
    • 1 for the sound detection system (MIC)
    • 1 buzzer
  • I/O for external devices:
    • 1 x 4-pin communication port (for wireless control and download)
    • 1 micro USB port (for PC connection)
    • 2 motor connection ports (for gearmotors)
    • 2 multi-purpose
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