CM-550 Controller for Dynamixel Servos

CM-550 Controller for Dynamixel Servos

CM-550 Controller for Dynamixel Servos
Robotis | A-000000-04409
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This Dynamixel servo controller offers multiple functions for fully operating your robot in navigation mode. It includes various sensors and enough connection ports to add several devices.

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CM-550 Controller: communicate with your Dynamixel servo

Programmable on RoboPlus, the CM-550 controller supports TTL communication for all your Dynamixel servo motors (X-series) thanks to its 6 Dynamixel-compatible ports. A Bluetooth Low Energy module also allows for wireless communications.

The CM-550 model includes a full range of sensors: sound, temperature, voltage, and so on. Plus, it is equipped with an IMU with accelerometer and gyroscope for controlling your robotics project accurately.

CM-550: new prospects for your robot

The CM-550 controller also includes 5 external I/O ports, each with 5 pins. It is compatible with devices such as temperature, humidity, brightness or infrared sensors. You can also connect LED modules to improve your invention even more.

Beware, this model is not compatible with RS-485 connection servos.

Technical specifications of the CM-550 controller for Dynamixel servos

  • ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller
  • Operating voltage: 6.5-15V (recommended: 11.1V)
  • Power consumption:
    • Non‐operating humidity: 50 mA
    • Port 1-2 IO max.: 0.5A
    • Port 3-5 IO max.: 0.02A
    • Total max. power: 10A (fuse)
  • Operating temperature: -5 to 70°C
  • Communication module: BLE slave module
  • Internal I/Os:
    • 2 buttons (MODE, START)
    • 1 sound sensor
    • 1 buzzer
    • 1 voltage sensor
    • 1 gyro/accelerometer
    • 1 temperature sensor
    • 3 AUX RGB LEDs
  • External I/Os:
    • 5 IO ports (5 pins)
    • 6 Dynamixel X-series ports (3 pins)
  • Weight: 58.8 g
  • Compatible products:
    • Dynamixel X-series servos
    • IR, DMS, touch, magnetic, colour, brightness, temperature and humidity sensors
    • LED modules

Resources for the Robotis Dynamixel servo controller

There are lots of resources available online for free to help you make the most of your CM-550 servo controller.

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