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Do you wish you could do more with your Raspberry Pi? With the GoPiGo Core, you can turn your good old raspberry into an educational mobile robot!

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GoPiGo Core: a mobile robot running on Raspberry Pi

The GoPiGo Core has everything you’ll need to create your first educational robot on wheels – except for the Raspberry Pi, which you can buy separately (get the Raspberry Pi 3 board) or included in the GoPiGo Starter Kit. All the hardware (wheels, chassis, screws) and electric/electronic components are included. You can control everything using your GoPiGo board, connected to a Raspberry Pi (model 3B or 3B+ recommended).

The GoPiGo robotics kit is a fast and fun solution for learning the basics of programming on Raspberry Pi (from 9 years). Tutorials are available to help you mount your kit from scratch (see below). To top it all, you’ll be able to improve your robot with a line-following module, a distance sensor, a camera or a light/colour sensor for instance!

Programming the GoPiGo kit

The Raspberry Pi programming board has long earned a reputation for being accessible to all users – whatever their skill level – and at all budgets. Connecting GoPiGo to your Raspberry Pi only takes a few minutes. You can then choose between different programmes: Scratch allows you to take your first steps in the world of coding thanks to a fun visual programming editor. For the most advanced users, it’s possible to code in Python, Java or C++.

Technical specifications of the GoPiGo Core

  • Programming languages: Python, Scratch, Java, NodeJS, C/C++
  • Compatible with Lego Technic parts
  • From 9 years
  • Operating voltage: 7–12V
  • External interfaces:
    • I2C ports: 2 Grove ports connected to the Raspberry Pi I2C bus through a level conversion chip
    • Serial ports: 1 Grove port connected to serial pins on the Raspberry IP through a level conversion chip
    • Analog/digital ports: 2 Grove ports connected to the GoPiGo3 microcontroller

The GoPiGo Core includes:

  • 1 GoPiGo board
  • Chassis materials: frame, 66.5 mm wheels, various hardware
  • Motors
  • Encoders: 2 magnetic encoders with 6 pulse counts per rotation (with 120:1 gear reduction, i.e. 720 pulses per wheel rotation)
  • Power battery pack and charger

Resources for GoPiGo

Simply click on this one link to get all the info you need to know about GoPiGo!

Data sheet
Programming language
Programming language
Programming language
Programming language
Programming language
Programming language
Age group
9-11 years
Age group
15-17 years
Age group
12-14 Jahre
Power supply
Robot type
Building set
Robot type
Mobile robot
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