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The AlphAI Educational Robot Pack gives teachers from primary to secondary school the means to answer some exciting questions: What is artificial intelligence? What is the purpose of machine learning?

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NEW: the manufacturer offers AlphAI purchasers a hands-on session by videoconference.

AlphAI educational robot: experiment, program and dream

Robots are good tools for sparking teenagers’ curiosity. And it is important they understand robotics and programming because the world they live in is becoming increasingly high-tech.

AlphAI is a small, attractive mobile robot. In addition to catching the eye, it is designed to help introduce secondary school students to the concepts of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. How? Simply by demonstrating its ability to learn!

The robot consists of a mobile platform equipped with a Raspberry Pi microcontroller programmed on Python. It has various embedded sensors, including a camera, ultrasound sensor and infrared sensor, and can also be expanded with new modules using the board’s connection ports.

The platform includes a graphical programming interface accessible to pupils of all levels and a teacher’s guide. Each class will be able to conduct its own experiments, and even reprogram AlphAI to test new features.

Neuron connection example – artificial intelligence

AlphAI, the robot for introducing secondary school pupils to AI

The AlphAI Educational Robot Pack is designed to introduce pupils to artificial intelligence. There are several fun presentations ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours in length and serving different purposes:

  • Overcoming some of the barriers preventing children from being interested in robotics, and addressing some of the fears surrounding these increasingly intelligent robots
  • Demonstrating parallels between how the robot functions and how a human or animal brain functions to rekindle pupils’ and participants’ interest in science in general, and in biology in particular
  • Using AlphAI as a transdisciplinary teaching aid for addressing not only scientific disciplines (mathematics, biology, physics) but also the humanities, art and literature

Technical specifications of the AlphAI robot

The AlphAI robot pack includes:

  • AlphAI educational robot
  • Up-to-date software
  • Batteries and charger

Resources for the AlphAI educational robot

You will find all the most important information about the AlphAI Educational Robot Pack here:

Data sheet
Programming language
Age group
15-17 years
Robot type
Mobile robot
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