HN13-I105 – Dynamixel XW540 Idler Bearing Set

Robotis | A-000000-04805
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This HN13-I105 set consists of an idler, a bearing and an idler frame, as well as the necessary bolts for mounting. It is compatible only with the Dynamixel XW540 servo motors.

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How do I use the HN13-I105 idler set for XW540 servos?

First, attach the bearing to the other side of the servo output shaft. You can then fix the idler on the bearing. Make sure you align the marks of the various parts correctly when screwing. The 20 bolts included are designed to secure the structure, but you can also assemble without the screws.

Technical specifications of the HN13-I105 kit for Dynamixel XW540

  • 1 bearing
  • 1 idler
  • 1 idler frame
  • 10 WB M2.5*5 wrench bolts
  • 10 WB M2.5*4 wrench bolts
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