HNX540-C101 - Structural Component for Dynamixel X540

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Make your robotics constructions even safer with this HNX540-C101 set for Dynamixel actuators, which includes a clamping horn.

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HNX540-C101 set for Dynamixel X540 actuators: stable and strong

The HNX540-C101 set comes with a HN13-C101 clamping horn, which connects to the wheel gear of the actuator’s output shaft.

The clamping horn’s profile improves the absorption of vibrations and shocks transmitted by the output shaft. You can also use LOCTITE glue on the screws to make your horn assembly stronger and more efficient.

Technical specifications of the HNX540-C101 set

  • Designed for the actuators in the Dynamixel X540 series
  • Not compatible with MX actuators
  • Not compatible with the FR13-H101K hinge frame
  • Use stainless steel screws for Dynamixel XW actuators to prevent rusting

The kit includes:

  • 1 HN13-C101 clamping horn
  • 1 wrench bolt WB M3x8 for fastening horn to wheel gear
  • 1 wrench bolt WB M2x8 for clamping
  • 1 thrust washer
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