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Actuators and servomotors

Actuators and servomotors

Servomotors big or small, analog or digital, you will find here everything to make your robots move.


  • Servomotors

    Discover our selection of servomotors for robotics. A servomotor provides more intelligence and features than a simple cc motor, so they are widely used in robotics. A servomotor conventionally consists of a motor, gears, an encoder and a control circuit. A servomotor can achieve and maintain a defined position. There are also continuous rotati…

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  • Dynamixel

    Dynamixel is one of the best known brands in the world of personal and educational robotics thanks to its famous digital servo motors but also for its Bioloid robotics kits. Dynamixel has imposed a full range of solutions from the young age to advanced actuators for researchers and professionals. A brand recommended by Generation Robots!

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  • DC motors

    DC motors are the most simple motors to use. They can reach a high rotational speed that is dependent on the input voltage. However, it can not handle the position as one would with a servomotor or a stepper motor. Finally, to change the torque of a DC motor, it is necessary that to use gearbox.

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  • Stepper motors for robotics

    Stepper motors are a class of widely used engines in many applications such as 3D printers. They are also widely used in robotics. They convert an electrical pulse in a defined angular movement called steps. The stepper motors do not require feedback loop to ensure precise movement. Their advantage is that they have a potentially high torque an…

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  • Linear motors

    Linear motors produce a translational strength and not a rotational torque such as in conventional motors.

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  • Motor controllers

    Electric motors controllers can control the speed, the position or the torque of a motor providing electrical power and adequate signal. Since there are different types of electric motors, there are also different types of controllers. Pay attention to the type of controller, the expected features and motor power. Our team is there to advise yo…

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  • Encoders

    An encoder is an electromechanical device which generates an electrical signal depending on the position or the displacement of the measured item. In mobile robotics, rotary encoders are used to measure the movement (direction and speed) of each of the wheels of the robot. The encoders are devices that measure the speed and / or position of a m…

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  • Pièces de structure pour moteurs
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