Outdoor mobile robots

You will find here the heavy weights of mobile robotics (but also some lighter models)! Weatherproof, all terrain and able to carry heavy payloads, those outdoor robotic platforms can be used for research projects in the following fields: exploration, security, farming, or even the mining industry!

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  • Brand: AgileX
€14,580.00 €16,200.00
€16,200.00 €18,000.00
€13,230.00 €14,700.00
€6,030.00 €6,700.00 -10%

The Scout Mini autonomous mobile base is fast, agile, compact and ROS-compatible. It opens the way for AgileX platforms, a new generation of high-performance UGVs. A robot that can be adapted to many missions as long as you roll up your hacker sleeves.

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€14,580.00 €16,200.00 -10%

Scout 2.0 is an indoor and outdoor mobile platform, dedicated to the development of multiple applications in higher education, research and industry. This mbile robot is CE certified.

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€16,200.00 €18,000.00 -10%

AgileX presents Bunker, its all-terrain tracked mobile robot, expert in all types of obstacles.

€13,230.00 €14,700.00 -10%

The AgileX Hunter 2.0 UGV is an ultra-tough mobile robot designed for heavy loads and precise, low-speed driving scenarios.

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