Paire d'encodeurs optiques pour micro-moteurs (version 3.3V)

Optical Encoder Pair Kit for Micro Metal Gearmotors (3.3V)

Pololu Robotics & Electronics | A-000000-04066

This pair of optical encoders for Pololu 3.3V micro metal gearmotors is compatible with all LP, MP and HP micro metal gearmotors that have an extended output shaft.

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Size Chart
Size Chart

Optical encoders for micro metal gearmotors: pack of two

This optical encoder kit for Pololu micro metal gearmotors consists of 2 sensors, 2 encoder wheels with 3 teeth, and 2 encoder wheels with 5 teeth.

  • Install a 3-tooth wheel on your motor to obtain 12 counts per revolution of the motor shaft
  • Opt for a 5-tooth wheel for 20 counts per revolution

To compute the encoder counts per revolution of the gearbox output, multiply by the gear ratio.

Pololu 3.3V micro metal gearmotor optical encoders: some necessary precautions

A certain amount of skill is needed to fix these optical encoders for Pololu micro metal gearmotors, to position the sensor correctly and solder its various pins. The more accurate this positioning, the more accurate and reliable the results.

Pololu 3.3V optical encoder kit schematics

Also make sure you maintain a space of about 0.5 mm between the encoder and its wheel. And above all avoid overheating the pins of the motor when soldering, as this could damage your motor.

Technical specifications of the Pololu 3.3V optical encoder kit

  • Voltage: 3.3V
  • Average input current: 24 mA
  • Dimensions: 9.6 x 11.6 mm
  • Weight: 0.7 g

Resources for the 3.3V micro metal gearmotor optical encoders

Use these resources to install and make the best use of your pair of 3.3V micro metal gearmotor optical encoders.

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