Dynamixel-P PM42-010-S260-R Servo

Robotis | A-000000-04209

The Dynamixel-P M42P-010-S260-R servo motor with an RS485 connection belongs to the Pro series from Robotis. Even more accurate and powerful, it offers a new design and an improved service life.

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M42P-010-S260-R: the Dynamixel servo for the pros

Fully programmable, the Dynamixel-P M42P-010-S260-R servo motor consists of a DC motor, a reduction gear, a motor controller, a driver and a network. It offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of control and feedback, and it is making a name for itself as an excellent servo, thanks in no small part to its high-quality Maxon motor.

The M42P-010-S260-R servo embeds a current sensor for torque control and the control table of the X-series models, and can control torque, velocity or position. An absolute contactless encoder combined with an incremental controller render it particularly accurate.

What’s new compared with the M42-010-S260-R model?

This updated and revamped version of the M42-010-S260-R includes new improvements, especially around the gearmotor:

  • It features a JST connector, more reliable than the previous connection system and compatible with the provided X4P robot cables;
  • Its revamped design makes it more resistant to dust and foreign matter (liquids, etc.);
  • Its case made of a precious metal alloy delivers satisfactory heat dissipation and noise reduction. All these improvements give your Dynamixel M42P-010-S260-R servo motor a longer service life.

Moreover, the Dynamixel M42P-010-S260-R servo motor has a reduced response time, making it a fast, precise, adaptable and durable module for all kinds of robotics uses.

Dynamixel M42p-010-s260-r Servos performances

Technical specifications of the M42P-010-S260-R servo

  • Cortex-M4 controller (168 Mhz, 32 bits)
  • Supply voltage: 24V
  • No-load speed: 28 RPM
  • No-load current: 0.52A
  • Torque: 1.7 Nm
  • Speed: 26 RPM
  • Current rating: 0.6A
  • Resolution: 0.0007 x 526.374 at 360°
  • Position sensor: incremental encoder, absolute contactless encoder
  • Operating temperature: -5 to 55°C
  • Coreless Maxon motor
  • Baud rate: 9,600 to 10,500,000 bds
  • PID control algorithm
  • Gear type: cycloid
  • Material (gear and case): precious metal alloy
  • Dimensions: 42 x 72 x 42 mm
  • Weight: 270 g
  • Reduction ratio: 257:1
  • Control signal: digital packets
  • Half-duplex asynchronous serial communication (8 bits, 1 stop, no parity)
  • Physical connection: RS485 multidrop bus
  • IDs: 0-252
  • Feedback: position, velocity, current, temperature, input voltage, external port, etc.
  • Protocol version: 2
  • Output: 10W
  • Standby current: 30 mA

Resources for the M42P-010-S260-R Robotis servo

Below you’ll find the full documentation for getting started with your Dynamixel M42P-010-S260-R servo motor in record time:

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