The Construct Annual License

The Construct Annual License

The Construct Annual License
The Construct | A-000000-06884
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This annual subscription grants you access to all the online courses on the The Construct platform. Most of these courses will help you learn ROS or enhance your ROS skills.


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Benefits of The Construct courses

All the Topics You Need

Robotics, ROS, and AI – dive deep into the essential topics to take you from basic to advanced robotics skills.


Do to understand. Learn each concept by practicing using robot simulations and real robots.

From the First Line of Code to your First ROS Project

With The Construct, learn how to use ROS to program robots and create your first robot from scratch.

What Does The Construct Annual License Include?

  • 2 processors + 4 GB of RAM
  • Access to all courses on the platform*
  • Access to all training programs
  • Completion certificates
  • Unlimited storage for ROS projects
  • Practice with the TurtleBot3 Real Robot Lab and the Manipulator Real Robot Lab available 24/7
  • Creation of private projects (ROSjects)
  • Access to The Construct support forum
  • A free ticket to the annual ROS Developers Day conference

*Enterprise courses are not included

Good to Know

  • New training programs are available every month
  • New ROS courses open every Tuesday
  • New workshops are available each month (only for Enterprise users)

Courses Reserved for Enterprises

  • Managing Robot Fleets in ROS2
  • ROS2 Industrial Ready Part 1: Mobile Robots
  • ROS2 Industrial Ready Part 2: Robotic Arms
  • Mastering Mobile Manipulator Robots
  • Web Development for Robotics
  • Introduction to Jenkins for Robotics
  • Introduction to Git and GitHub
  • Introduction to Docker for Robotics
  • GTest Framework for ROS2

Certificates Provided In 3 Steps

The Construct Certificate

1  Take A Course

2  Complete The Course Project

3  Present The Project Online

What is the Real Robot Labs?

The Construct provides the opportunity to remotely connect to their Real Robot Labs and practice with a TurtleBot3 robot and a robotic manipulator arm. The Real Robot Labs are accessible 24/7 and allow you to practice in various areas of robotics:

  • Robot navigation, including mapping, localization, trajectory planning, obstacle avoidance, and more.
  • Robotic perception algorithms, such as detecting and classifying signs and lights based on images captured by the robot's camera.
  • Training in sensor data fusion to generate ROS data recordings (rosbags) for future use, for example.
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