OpenManipulator RM-X52 robotic arm (without servo motors)

OpenManipulator RM-X52 robotic arm (without servo motors)

OpenManipulator RM-X52 robotic arm (without servo motors)
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Want to design a OpenManipulator robotic arm (similar to the RM-X52 model) for your TurtleBot3 robot? This set includes all the tools and mechanical parts you need to build this ROS compatible robot arm.

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OpenManipulator RM-X52 set: an articulated arm for your TurtleBot3

This OpenManipulator kit includes all the mechanical parts of the RM-X52 model, one of the Turtlebot3 Waffle and Waffle Pi accessories designed to develop a mobile platform. It allows to assemble a robotic arm with 4 degrees of freedom and with a gripper at its end. You will receive all the necessary screws and tools for its assembly:

  • Once built, you can install your OpenManipulator arm on the ROBOTIS TurtleBot3 Waffle or Waffle Pi ROS platform and program it from a Raspberry Pi 3 board
  • You can also fix it to a compatible base (Base Plate-02) to install your articulated arm at a good height, for example on a table, and test its features. You can also program the OpenManipulator robot arm through the controller or from your PC (you will need the U2D2 Dynamixel/PC connector)

Choosing a Dynamixel servo for the OpenManipulator RM-X52

Servos are not included with this OpenManipulator set. You will therefore need to acquire them separately, depending on your project’s needs and your intended manipulator settings:

  • The Dynamixel XH430, XM430 and XL430 servo motors are all compatible
  • Be careful of the type of communication and payload when making your choice
  • Some servos require a specific OpenManipulator configuration
  • If you want to combine an XL430 servo with an XH or XM430, choose the TTL version of these servos
  • The AX/MX, X540 and PRO series are incompatible

Technical specifications of the OpenManipulator RM-X52 (without servo motors)

Resources for the OpenManipulator robotic arm kit

Check out all our documentation to successfully assemble your OpenManipulator RM-X52:

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